Here We Go Again

“When dawn comes to touch my purple haze And evening’s drowsiness to carry me away I know once again that there is nothing we can save, So I’ll pack up my things, I’ll be on my way. Here I go again Off down the road again Thinking thoughts of days gone by” Words by: Country […]

I Feel a Wee Bit SIC, the Sequel So the SIC Convention discussed and debated a number of things on Saturday. The two most important ones for me, were apparent votes, one about Scotlands debt and the other was on EU membership. (although I don’t think either was a vote, they were more of an opinion poll). This polling was conducted by […]

The Scottish Budget 2017-18

The Government has published its draft budget for the next financial year. This is the first since the new fiscal powers devolved to Scotland so it includes not just spending plans, but how it intends to raise revenue as well. I welcome the U-turn on taking money raised by their tinkering with the higher bands […]