Socialists voting against Labour, opportunism or class collaboration?


Never in the field of politics, have so few, spouted so much, to so many, to no real political avail. (myself included).

I am old enough to remember 1983 and the Labour party at that time. There was the same disastrous right-wing reaction within the Labour Party that ended up with the breakaway and largely ineffectual SDP, but it did destroy Labour at that point. We had the whole establishment and the ruling elite controlling the media and were hell bent on destroying Labour as a political force. We had a Tory Government who had already proven what their policies would mean to the working class.

Myself as a utopian Anarchist, took no part. Stood on the side line and pronounced that, they were all the same and it made no difference who you voted for, etc, etc, ad-infinitum. In reality, the very same bullshit spouted by some in Scotland today.

The reality was that in 1983, there was a chance to break away from the fledgling Neo-Liberal programme of Thatcher and Reagan. There was a real chance that Socialism would still remain the bed rock of the Labour Party. Of course, it all ended in disaster and the establishment won. They of course had all the cards stacked in their favour, media control and the breakaway right wing of Labour.

But just imagine what could have been achieved if there was social networking and the ability to communicate to millions, the way we have now. Imagine if that manifesto could have went viral.

And that is exactly the same position we find ourselves in today. We have the same protagonists lined up against each other. We have a Tory party hell bent on creating an even more dystopian future for the working class verses a Labour party who are being attacked by all the forces of the ruling elite, aided and abetted by nationalists and even worse Socialists, here in Scotland.

Never since 1983 have the people of Britain been offered a manifesto that attempts to halt the ingrained onward movement and perpetuation of Capitalism.  In 1983 Britain could have halted Neo-Liberalism in its tracks. Today we can halt that movement and begin to reverse the huge gains Capitalism has made in the decades since.

On June 8th, we can vote for a Labour party that has produced a manifesto, with many obvious omissions and some contradictions, but a manifesto that is clearly aimed at moving control back to the working class. Clearly aimed at a real redistribution of not just wealth but control over democracy and that is a key factor.

On June 8th, we can end Neo-Liberal Capitalism and begin the ending of the Global Free Market ideology. Please note I state start the end, not end. But we do have the choice, a choice we have never had since 1983. The election of 1997 offered so much and delivered so little. This year we are actually offered what we hoped 1997 would give us.

This year we can actually achieve something tangible for the working class through the ballot box. This year we are not voting for two parties that in reality have produced very similar manifestos. This year there is clear RED water between the Tory party and Labour.

But, and once again there is always a but. Here in Scotland, all that matters is the bloody constitution. Now I can and do forgive SNP members for their never-ending desire for independence. After all that is what they were created for and that is why they are members.

But I cannot accept that a Socialist would still perpetuate the shear opportunism that they displayed in 2015.

We have the Socialist Worker Party, the Socialist Party Scotland, the Scottish Socialist Party, Solidarity, Revolutionary Communist Group, International Socialist Group, Revolutionary Socialists in the 21st Century (ISG and RS21, for those that don’t know, are both even more breakaways from the SWP, who are now, in reality the wee bit of RISE) all calling for a vote for Labour in England and Wales and a vote for a Socialist or a “progressive” in Scotland.  So that will be the old “lend the SNP your vote, this one time only” once again. (I think I have included all the various Socialist factions in Scotland in the above. If your particular band of hope is missing let me know and will add you. Because to be honest, I couldn’t be arsed adding all the other ones who only have more than a handful of members.)

This election has the prospect of really breaking the British State and British Imperialism, just as all those listed above have claimed that independence would do. But still they tell you to, vote for Labour in England and Wales but, “lend the SNP your vote, this one time only” once again. The ultimate in political opportunism. The ultimate in a complete lack of class consciousness. In fact, a complete lack of political ideology. They have ploughed this furrow for so long, that they are now blinded to the realities of what is happening on their doorstep.

So, to conclude. If you are a member of the SNP then vote SNP, that is your democratic right and I would not decry or defame you.

But if you are a Socialist then yes I will decry and defame you. Your mantra of tacit support of Labour in England and Wales, coupled with your outright support for the SNP in Scotland is no more than class collaboration at its worst or nothing but shear unadulterated political opportunism.

There are only two parties that can win this election, Labour or Tory. If you are a socialist you can only vote Labour.

On June 3rd when all you socialist, are attending the All Under One Banner rally. Just remember the banner you will all be under, is not a red one.
maxresdefault                                  This is apparently a Socialist Rally in Scotland


One thought on “Socialists voting against Labour, opportunism or class collaboration?

  1. First of all Tam, thanks for decrying and defaming me.

    All political decisions are on a spectrum between opportunism and traditionalism, including famously the programme Britains Road To Socialism, so its kind of meaningless to describe this policy or that policy as opportunism.

    You say that me and people like me are concentrating too much on the constitution, but I don’t believe that any significant economic or social change can occur without first changing the constitution in such a way that it takes power away from the the Crown and the politicians ect.

    Just to be clear Solidarity supports a vote for Corbyn in England and Wales and a vote for the most likely progressive candidate to keep the Torys out

    We are not saying lend your vote to the SNP this time round, we are asking our members and supporters to do the arithmetic in their own areas in conjunction with the candidates stance on the big questions like Trident, austerity, ect.

    I know for a fact that many of my Solidarity comrades are voting Labour, for me though, I’ve decided to vote SNP simply because I like the candidate and I’ve had dealings with him so I feel I know and trust him on a personal level, if he happened to be Labour I would have still voted for him.


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