I Feel a Wee Bit SIC, the Sequel



So the SIC Convention discussed and debated a number of things on Saturday. The two most important ones for me, were apparent votes, one about Scotlands debt and the other was on EU membership. (although I don’t think either was a vote, they were more of an opinion poll).

This polling was conducted by that paragon and leading figure of the new Scottish working class, Robin McAlpine. Whose latest managerial think tank de-claims and destroys all notions of class politics with the mantra “All of us First”.

The contradictions and classless politics of this reactionary mantra, of course fits Robins views and outlook very well, in an extremely class collaborator way.

But of course, as was stated not by him, but by others, let’s get independence first and then sort out all the other questions after. (yes, I did trawl through the entire bloody indy live feed).

So to it. On one poll, Robin asked about the EU. First question, who favours a complete break from the EU, result about 3 or 4 hands. Next who favours a Norwegian type model, a few hands go up possible 40 at most, I didn’t count. Lastly, who favours complete EU membership, all other hands raise in valiant salute for the EU.

The next poll was about Scotlands debt and if an independent Scotland should accept its share of the national debt. See the picture, it shows quite clearly that the “All of us First” is all of us in Scotland first and to hell with the rest of the working class in the UK, they can have oor debt as well and hell mend them, they’ve made their bed.

They spent the day deciding policy and discussing strategy and did so in a very well organised and very friendly way, I was impressed by the turnout and running of the whole thing. (although, it did seem to be missing all these new no voters who are now yes)

Deciding how best to sway no voters like me. Continually stating it is not one party that has control of the indy movement. Of course, they need the SNP to trigger a referendum, but it is not just an SNP campaign. Honest gov 😉

I find this bit very amusing as all the other pro-indy parties at the last election only secured 7.7% of the regional vote. 6.6% of that was for the Greens. Solidarity beat RISE by 0.1% and were strangely not included, by all accounts, at this independence convention.

So my question is this on that one. Tell me again, how is it not a one party campaign? Or did hundreds of thousands vote SNP just to make sure indy won, and would have really voted Green, Solidarity or RISE in any other circumstances.

So to the main issue for me, the EU. The referendum can only be called within this parliament by the SNP on the basis of the EU outcome and no other issue.  That is what the referendum bill was published for. The SNP’s only mandate for a second referendum within this parliamentary period is based on their commitment to call for one if there is a significant material change within the UK. That is what the referendum bill was published for. To hold a new poll in the event of “Scotland being dragged out of the EU against its will”

With the majority of the SNP and all the greens favouring EU membership and now the majority of SIC favouring EU membership, it is a done deal. Any indy ref before the next Scottish elections is based on EU membership and an independent Scotland with full membership.

Now the EU is divisive but it needs to be made clear to “All of us First”, that an independent Scotland will be a full member of the EU. Good luck with that one.

The other one on the debt was obviously dreamt up by an Anarchist or a Trotkyist. That we will just not accept it that debt, is laughable.

What can they do? Bugger them.

This sort of utopian gibberish is fine in rhetorical speeches.  But in reality is just part of the usual crock of utopian drivel, spouted by the ultra left in Scotland, at any and every opportunity. The realities of the situation matter not. The revolution is just around the corner don’t you know, etc, etc, etc

How will a new Scottish currency be viewed by the markets and the EU if Scotland reneges on its own debt. How will EU membership be granted if Scotland reneges on the debt that a huge portion of which will be owed to the ECB. Scotlands new pound will not be tied to Sterling, it will have to be tied to the Euro. Scotland will have to accept its share of the debt to achieve its dream of independence and EU membership.

I have written before of the fiscal penalties EU countries face when their debt and deficits are out with EU rulings. So I ask all the utopians and Trotskyists, who are a minority, of at best 1.1%, of the voting population.

What will you do when we are independent and faced with the EU fiscal rules? What will you do when we have to fulfill these fiscal commitments for EU membership?

“Countries that fail to respect the SGP’s preventive or corrective rules may ultimately face sanctions.

For Member States sharing the euro currency, this could take the form of warnings and ultimately financial sanctions including fines of up to:

0.2 % of GDP, if they fail to abide by either the preventive or the corrective rules, or

0.5 % of GDP, if they repeatedly fail to abide by the corrective rules. In addition, all Member States (except the United Kingdom), could see a suspension of commitments or payments from the EU’s Structural and investment funds (e.g. the European Regional Development Fund, the European Social Fund, the Cohesion Fund, the European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development and the European Maritime and Fisheries Fund).”


Greece style austerity here we come 🙂

No amount of postulating and snake oil can cover up this fact. No amount of “revolutionary” grass root, bottom up postulating can prevent the SNP from dragging Scotland out of the UK and into the arms of the waiting EU.

But of course “I would vote for Scottish independence even if we were in Mordor”. Remember that one?

So here I am. I am a no voter. I voted out of the EU andn it had nothing to do with immigration or migrants.

Convince me how I will be better off in an independent Scotland within the EU.


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