A country that works for everyone, my arse.


It is amazing but not so unexpected how politics and economic policy can change in the blink of an eye, just read Marx and it is all explained. From Thatcher and Reagan’s introduction of Neo-Liberalism into the west and its rapid uptake by Europe to the miraculous transformation Theresa May and the Tory Party are now going through. A transformation that has happened within a month.

At first comes the death knell of the 2007/2008 catastrophic crash in global capital. Then the austerity driven policies to counter this collapse, which along with the vast sums of money being continually produced through quantative easing, that was meant to reverse and control this global crisis and to ensure that capital and banking was always protected. To make sure that the neo-liberal dream was kept alive.

From this situation throughout the EU and America the brunt of the burden was transferred as usual onto the working class. The first victims in the UK were the disabled, then the unemployed, then migrants and refugees. With workers wages and terms and conditions wasting away year after year. All was good for the ruling class, wages and terms and conditions eroded, more privatisation, more profits and even more speculation. All the while reaping the rewards of quantative easing.

Whilst they were so focused on saving the financiers, bankers and global corporate power. They were ignoring the realities of their self-inflicted manufactured austerity on the working class. Strangely and, to them, unpredictable things then began to manifest.

The ruling elite were first faced with the independence movement in Scotland. Then UKiP rises to prominence in the EU elections and then the ultimate nail in the coffin of neo-liberalism, Brexit. Too counter UKiP and to placate 50% of the Tory’s, they hold a referendum on the EU. This was designed to finish UKiP once and for all and to unify the right wing of the Government. This was a gamble they were so sure they would win, or so they thought. Result, the working class reject the EU and voted out. The shock-waves are still being felt today.

This is all then further compounded by the Labour leadership election and the totally unprecedented Corbyn win. This one thing more than any other is the real cause of concern for the ruling elite. The die was cast and they had to do something.

First it was the get rid of Corbyn campaign. Through media manipulation, complicit agreement from the Blairites Corbyn was thrown to the dogs. This worked so well for the ruling elite, that Labour increased its membership by huge amounts, created a growing grass root movement and then heaven forfend, even re-elected Corbyn.

Who then goes on to promise nationalisation of industry, transport and energy, government investment in housing. A real living wage and the reversal of all anti-union laws. The ending of tax evasion and avoidance. In fact, the complete reversal of all neo-liberal entrenched policies and ideologies. They even mentioned the word SOCIALISM.

So this week we have May and the Tory Government proclaiming a role reversal. She is now promoting a Tory party as the party of the worker. Talks of regulating energy, building houses (not social ones of course), calling on businesses to treat their workers a bit better and maybe even pay a bit more, if they can.  Even worse, stating that the state actually has a role to play in industry and jobs and needs to intervene sometimes.

This was all actually ridiculed by the Tory’s, including May, when Ed Miliband had very similar, tinkering with capitalism, policy commitments at the last General election.

She then totally reverses Thatcher’s, “There is no such thing as Society” speech with this one “There is more to life than individualism and self-interest” Her very own heroin thrown onto the scrapheap of history, in her drive to counter Labour and Corbyn.

And this one; “So if you’re a boss who earns a fortune but doesn’t look after your staff, an international company that treats tax laws as an optional extra, a household name that refuses to work with the authorities even to fight terrorism, a director who takes out massive dividends while knowing that the company pension is about to go bust: I’m putting you on warning. This can’t go on any more,”

This from a home Secretary who did nothing to counter tax evasion, who protected corporate power throughout the coalition and the Cameron years. Who again highlights migrants and links this with terrorism 

Then this; “the party of the workers, the party of public servants, the party of the NHS” You really couldn’t make this up.

From the woman who has decimated and are privatising all our public services and the NHS. All this from the woman who has been in the last 2 governments and supported every single austerity driven cut and policy, every DWP draconian change. Who voted for and promoted every single austerity driven policy.

I haven’t even started on the racist, xenophobic and hate filled rhetoric that each and every one of them spouted throughout their wee get together.

So why this complete reversal, this momentous road to Damascus moment she and the Tory’s have just revealed.

With the realisation everywhere that austerity, low banking rates and continual quantative easing was in reality creating stagnation and forcing the elite to actually withdraw and hold onto their capital. The disaster of globalisation and the huge shift to consumerism as the new gods. With the resultant and ongoing economic crisis not abating, the scene is set.

Then with Corbyn’s Labour movement, a force standing in direct opposition. It needs to be countered and defeated. And that in reality is what it is Damascus moment is about. It is about trying to re-brand and water down Labour policies, because they are actually resonating with the population. You only need to look at any poll on Rail, energy and housing to see this. She even paid lip service to the TUC with the old worker on the board of directors trick. Something the STUC here has fallen for hook line and sinker. I hate to say this but this all reeks of “class colaboration”. A recurring theme throughout history of the TUC and the STUC.

Of course they talk this talk of change, and all the while plowing the exact same austerity, cuts, and and privatisation agenda. It will just be re-banded. Austerity will now be proposed as having served its original and very necessary purpose. It will be declared as over having served its purpose. But it is with us as long as the Tory party is in office. It will be re-named. It will be re-launched as the new fiscal reality of the post Brexit era.

They all realise neo-liberalism is dead, not dying but dead. They have flogged that horse to death and results were never ending austerity, Scottish Nationalism, UKiP and finally Brexit.

The most worrying aspect is the whole migration and immigrant bashing they are now pushing to the front of each and every one of their “new” policies.

It is not just here that this is happening of course. Trump in the USA and right wing parties across Europe are all spouting similar policies. They are all highlighting migrants and immigration. They are, all about national protectionism for their own countries industry and financial systems. Whilst pandering to workers by blaming migration for all the failed policies they have so far inflicted upon the working class. This is the classic right wing technique of blaming any ethnic minorities for the cause of all our ills. Worst of all it is taking hold within the UK, USA and EU.

But let’s be clear, Globalisation has not gone away just because the neo-liberals are on the back foot. The Tory’s have not changed their spots from blue to red. Both are still with us and both seek to increase and maintain their hold on power. The Tory’s are reacting to what is happening currently within the UK. A situation they themselves actually promoted and created. Whilst Global corporations will continue to pull the strings and the free market economy will still plow its own furrow and resist any attempts to stem their influence and control.

The Tory party is running scared. Neo-Liberalism is being abandoned. But not for social democracy. It is being abandoned for national protectionism, to secure and protect control for the ruling class. The same cuts will continue to be inflicted, the same austerity will endure, but re-badged and re-imaged if the Tory’s continue to retain power.

More than ever Corbyn needs to be supported. There needs to be a complete backlash against the media campaign to discredit and destroy Corbyn and the Labour party.

There needs to be even more pressure put on this failing Tory Government. Before they become entrenched and finally united. They are now and always will be the nasty party. The party of and for the elite. The party for Finance, Business and Corporate power. They are so desperate to hold onto power and consolidate their position, they are putting on a front of moving away from austerity. The realities are the complete opposite of course. Their whole raison d’être has always been to represent the rich and the ruling elite and always will be.

To win over some sections of the working class they are now reverting to outright xenophobia to further this cause. It is a ploy that has been used throughout history by the right. This needs to be fought tooth and nail by every single working class and right minded person. This cannot be allowed to take hold in any form.

The workers party my arse. They are becoming more like another party from our recent history.

Strangely this week is the 80th anniversary of the Battle of Cable street, where the fascists were routed in London.


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