Frack off, please.

Whilst listening to the Radio Scotland phone in yesterday on “Fracking” I was transported into a parallel universe. They had an “expert” blogger on energy, spouting on about the loony environmentalists and their scare stories.

Jim Ratcliffe was interviewed on the news prior to this. He actually said that there might be the odd wee environmental disaster and equated this to you getting a puncture in your car. Apparently you can’t legislate for every outcome, so it’s ok to take the risk, especially if Jim needs more profits. Gone yourself Jim, I am now convinced.

Convinced you are a complete and utter………………… fill in the blanks yourself.

The “expert” blogger also wheeled out the old one about the chemicals used in the fracking fluid. “All the chemicals are household products, are even used as food additives and there are only a handful of them.” “We are better regulated here”. “It has proven safe because there are thousands of wells in the USA”. “All this scaremongering by environmentalists needs to stop” . “There have been no environmental disasters in the USA”. “It is all blown out of proportion”
He really was a complete and utter…………………fill in the blanks again. I couldn’t believe what I was hearing.

There were of course the usual scares about the lights going out. We’re running out of gas, etc, etc.

None of these processes are viable for the central belt of Scotland. It is not viable to do this in the most populated parts of Scotland and not have an environmental and health disaster waiting to happen.

Is the profit worth the cost to you and your environment?

Below is a presentation I put together and have used at many Frack off Fife meetings.

The 3 Types of UGE  

(Unconventional Gas Extraction)

  • Hydraulic Fracturing

  • Coal Bed Methane

  • Underground Coal Gasification (UCG)

Although we concentrate on Gas extraction, “Fracking” is also used to extract oil.


After lying dormant for hundreds of millions of years, shale gas resurfaced in the first well producing gas from shale in Fredonia, New York, in 1821, in shallow, low-pressure fractures.

Horizontal drilling began in the 1930s, and in 1947 a well was first “fracked” in the U.S.

Since that day, industry professionals have been searching for ways to make the extraction process more efficient and cost effective.

As all the pro-fracking state, this form of gas and oil extraction has been tried on and off for a hundred years. It is only recently that it has become economically viable.




Even at the lower estimates of 0.5% chemical usage and 2 million gallons of fluid to Fracture each well, it still adds up to 1000 gallons of chemical additives per well.



This clearly shows the number of wellheads that are required. The UGE companies in the UK say that they will not be using open pools for the storage of the waste fluid. So it begs the question where will it be stored and more importantly how will it be disposed off. 

The treatment of this poisonous concoction has never been fully explained to me, in any kind of a convincing way, at any of the “public consultations” held by INEOUS and Cluff.

As well as dozens of lorries being needed to transport the fluid to the wells, will there now be the same amount transporting the waste product?



 I used this from the Daily Mail, just to prove it is not just us left wing loonies and environmentalists that have concerns.

It is cheaper for them to flare the gas in this oil field than it is to run pipes or create storage for the gas





Coal Bed Methane was trailed in the Falkirk area, but was shut down due to public pressure.

Again there is the question of how do you treat and dispose off million of gallons of contaminated water?

Underground Coal Gasification



UCG is what was earmarked for Fife and under the Forth. This is the most untested and risky form of UGE. None of the companies who have licenses have any experience of this process. Even INEOUS when I spoke to them were skeptical about this one.

This is proposed in an area with vast mine workings, but still they will tell you they can do it safely. 


Of course they will tell you that it will all be happening so far underground that this can’t happen. How they can be so sure when in reality no-one knows where all the old mine workings are located.




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