Some naval gazing, oh aye, and all Power to the Soviets :-)


I am able in the blink of an eye, to upset so many people on social media. Sometimes one’s thoughts are put into words with far too much haste and no thought on editing. Such is the modern way of communicating. Will I, like many others stop this form of communication?

The answer is of course no.

Yes, I write loads and at times far too often and with no censor, but it is what I think and truly feel. Can I do with editing and some form of self-censorship, absolutely. Have I written things I actually regret, no.

Have I written things I would now re-write, amend and try to clarify and make my thoughts more intelligible, yes of course.

Over the past few weeks I have had so much going on and have suffered from insomnia. This has led to far too much reading of political literature for anyone’s sanity. But what I have read are the thoughts of individuals, Lenin, Marx, John Reed, Kropotkin, Trotsky and Proudhon. As with myself they are the thoughts and beliefs of people at a particular time in their lives and struggles.

When you analyse them, they also modified and amended their thoughts and writings as time passed and circumstance changed. Edits, re-writes, changes and sometimes a reversal of thought.

So why this ramble?

I believe we need to learn from the past. We need to analyse and dissect everything that has gone before us. Not to relive or replay the actions and thoughts of those who went before us. But to learn, to analyse, to interpret and to guide our thoughts and actions for the circumstances of now.

Everything we face, has been faced in the past. Zero hours, precarious contracts, no Health and Safety, exploitation, etc. The only difference is not in what we face as a class, but the way the ruling elite are formulating, controlling and pushing the agenda of their failing capitalism.

Globalisation and corporatisation has almost reached its peak. With the negation of workers’ rights, a reduction in manufacturing and the drive to service industries in the western world, with Public services the only areas of expansion left for them. Whilst they try to control and expand within the rest of the world, where the BRICS nations are the new enemy.

Capital, goods and finance is free to move wherever the most favourable terms are to be found. The free movement of labour is in reality used to drive down wages and terms and conditions. Where the free movement of labour is restricted to the needs and control of corporations.

None of this is new, it only more open, visible and largely now understood, but unfortunately accepted as the norm and the only way.

This is what I continually try to decipher and articulate. Sometimes incoherently, but mostly after a great deal of thought and study.

I have my own ideologies and thoughts on how the working class can fight back and how this can best be achieved. I try to articulate my views as openly and truthfully as I possibly can and with as much clarity as I can muster.

I will annoy the majority of people, as my views are not main stream. I actually think our democracy is a complete and utter sham and needs radical change. All power to the Soviets springs to mind here. All power to the Soviets is the reality of my beliefs. That is where democracy lies.

I will also annoy some others on the left, because they think and accuse me of having an entrenched ideology. That may be the case of course, but I do have long held ideologies and beliefs that I will not give up and change just to garner influence and support.

That is the discovery I have come to over the past few weeks. What I try to do is reflect always on what I say, do and advocate. I ask myself continually does this improve or negate the conditions for the working class. What can we do differently to push forward the agenda for the betterment of the working class?

All power to the Soviets 🙂


One thought on “Some naval gazing, oh aye, and all Power to the Soviets :-)

  1. Not sure if it is my imagination but I think that we as a society have become lazy in relation to all things political, I myself included. Going along with everyone else, not putting in the time to do research, etc. Thank goodness for people like yourself who do and all for us. I am sure it is said but thank you and all your comrades out there doing this for us. 😊


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