Corbyn wins, Woo Hoo, I Think?


The Oxford Encyclopaedia defines Socialism as;

“A political and economic theory of social organization which advocates that the means of production, distribution, and exchange should be owned or regulated by the community as a whole.”

Does another Corbyn election bring us any closer to that?

Do the SNP in Scotland even advocate that?

Does Scottish Labour even have a strategy to combat the SNP and maximise on the Corbynista Momentum movement, then move us towards that?

To the SNP question first. Of course not, at no point in time have the SNP advocated public control of anything apart from the NHS, but then even Thatcher always shied away from that one. The SNP are pro-business, pro EU, pro status quo, pro capitalism and pro Scottish Independence at any cost.

The SNP are now and have always been right/centre right. At the moment they are trying to claim and in reality have claimed, the centre left “Social Democratic” position in Scotland. I attended a meeting that had two people from the new SNP Socialist group who even acknowledged that the SNP are not Socialist, yet.

One even claimed to be a Marxist, but you can try to work out that enigma wrapped up in conundrum of confusion, I don’t know how. But the reality is this. Even “Socialists” within the SNP acknowledge the fact that the SNP are at best Social Democratic, but never Socialist.

So to Scottish Labour. What a complete and utter enigma (A person or thing that is mysterious or difficult to understand). What a complete and utterly headless chicken.

  • It is still portraying and pushing, in the main a Social Democratic version of UK politics. Where we tinker with Capitalism, but refuse to confront that common enemy and promote Socialism in any real sense.
  • It has no convincing stance on the bloody constitutional question, even now. It is still naval gazing and procrastinating on whether it believes in the Union as is, Independence or a truly Socialist Federal system. Until this is resolved, they can achieve nothing. Until this is confronted, challenged and taken head on then nothing can be achieved.
  • It has a Leader who does not know what she stands for. New Labour or Newish Labour. She is in reality New Labour, because that is her origin. Can she change her spots? No.
  • Does it have a strategy to maximise the Corbyn effect? The answer is in reality no. Until it confronts the first two points it has no way of creating the movement that Corbyns election has created south of the border. Until it has clear, agreed well defined policies on whether it is a Socialist party with a clear stance on the constitution. A Socialist party that is not pandering to the kiddie oan SNP Social Democracy. Until then it is in the oblivion of enigmas and conundrums.

So to the real question. Does another Corbyn election bring us any closer to Socialism? (and for me to Communism)

The answer is yes of course, with a whole load of buts attached. The buts are all attached to the history of the Labour party. The buts are all attached to failed Labour governments. The buts are all attached to the Social Democracy that the Labour party really espouses and so far, has always represented.

The Labour party are originally a construct and an amalgamation of the Unions, working people and the bourgeois. That is the reality of its history. It became a bourgeois controlled party, with spurts of working class control. But has always reverted to the control of the bourgeois, so far.

It was a party formed from working class unions but infiltrated and then controlled and guided by Liberal politicians of the time, who decided to move camp. The Labour party has throughout its short life, moved between the confrontation and the embracement of capitalism.

This is so evident in the coupe against Corbyn. This is so evident with the mainstream medias campaign against his leadership. It is so evident in the way his detractors within the Labour party have used the same mainstream media to further their own “Liberal pseudo Social Democratic” agendas. Agendas that are designed to maintain the status quo. Agendas that promote neo-liberal capitalism and the “trickle-down theory” of Social Democracy, that the Capitalists want us to believe is the only way forward.

What is available now of course, is a change in direction. Not just of the Labour party but of the whole working class agenda. What is within sight is a change in direction from outright neo-liberal dogma to a move towards the “control of the means of production, distribution, and exchange”.

It is a small bright light at the end of a very long tunnel, but it is there. There is the spark of real working class engagement with politics. A spark of the fight for real change. For the move of control from the elite to the majority. There is an undercurrent of a real movement in the foundations of control. A move towards the majority. A move to the working class.

Dare I say, a move towards Socialism, not to Socialism but a move.

But, (and here is a but). A move towards Socialism south of the border only. In Scotland apparently the only way towards Socialism is in a Nationalistic dream of FREEDOM and membership of the EU. Unless Scottish Labour develop a strategy of real Socialism and confront the constitutional question.

Corbyns re-election is only a beginning. The ruling classes are still there. They control the media (not the Morning Star). They control Parliament. They control the means of production. They control everything they survey and gaze upon.

But they do not control the minds of free thinking working class people.

That free thinking is where real change begins. That is where their downfall has been sown. That is where the growth for change will sprout and produce fruit. The fruit that it will produce eventually is the seed of Socialism.

But as long as our only hope is to accept the scraps from Social Democracy, then we are doomed to the status quo. As long as we accept that the trickle-down theory works for us all we are doomed to the status quo.

As long as we accept that this democracy of voting every five years for the next bunch of pseudo Social Democrats, is real democracy, then we are doomed to the status quo.

Corbyns victory today is a start. The start of a very long road to Socialism. Or maybe not so long as history has proven that things can and do change within the blink of an eye.

That is why I am upbeat and optimistic. The world and life changes in rapid confusion 🙂






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