Why stand in an Election?


So I have decided to stand for election in the Benarty/Lochs area bye-election. It was a hard decision as Party policy dictates that we do not stand against Labour candidates who are on the Left. And in this ward the Labour candidate is Mary Lockhart, who is the ideal left Labour candidate for promoting left wing Labour policies and ideals. Who is a good friend and comrade.

Due to the historic significance of the area, with Wullie Clark, the last self-proclaimed Communist Councillor, we agreed that the Communist Party of Britain needed to stand in this area. Now I make it clear, that Wullie Clark was not being continually voted into power for the last 43 years because he was a Communist. He was always voted in because he was an absolutely brilliant local Councillor, who always put his community first. This is a good communist ideology of course, but he was voted in because of who he was and he did so much for the community.

And so to this election. I am always reminded of what we always tell all our candidates, “on that one night when you wake up and actually think you can win this seat”, shake off that notion and come back to reality.

That said, I will be doing what I can, with the limited resources we have to maximise our vote. To challenge the other candidates with class arguments and a real class perspective. To break away from the mundane and futile political perspective that is so prevalent in Scotland at the moment. To get a Communist voice heard, to get community voices heard and to offer something a bit different.

I will utilise good old Communist tactics of street activity, public meetings and hopefully a husting or two.

I am, to quote Stephen Stills at Woodstock, “scared shitless” at the moment, but also exited. I have campaigned on many issues with my comrades from Fife People’s Assembly, Fife Anti Bedroom Tax, the local Trades Councils, Trade Union branches and Frack off Fife. But this is a solitary campaign and something a wee bit different. It feels somewhat far too personal and far too selfish and self serving to be promoting myself.

Anyhoo, onwards and upwards. For all those who have already sent me words of support, I can’t thank you enough.


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