Are the Labour PLP becoming a dictatorship?


I state here I am not a Labour party member, nor a member of Momentum and even though I have been a member of Unite for years and pay the political levy to the Labour Party, I will not be registering for a vote in the upcoming leaders election. As a member of the Communist Party of Britain, I cannot join or register as a supporter of the Labour party. If I did I would be breaking my own party rules. The democratic centralist rules. ( more later on that)

I am still bemused by the Labour PLP and the minority supporters of the PLP within Labour. They have thrown everything at Jeremy Corbyn and accuse Momentum of all sorts of crimes and infringements.

In fact the greatest crime Corbyn is accused of is in creating a grass root movement. A movement that has nothing to do with Westminster or any Parliament. How dare he create a true working class movement, that is not what politics in Britain is about. Politics is about party’s setting the agenda, party’s controlling the discussion, party’s deciding who should be selected as MP candidates. How dare Corbyn create a mass movement of “ordinary” working class people who all want to break the current status quo. But of course the hundreds of thousands of new members are all loony left infiltrators and not truly reflective of the “ordinary” voters that Labour needs to win.

The momentum members I have met are nothing but real ordinary working class people who see for the first time a way to change this country for the better. Most I have to say don’t know how they will do this and most are venturing into politics for the first time.

They are not the hardened left activists portrayed by the media and the PLP supporters. They are people who for the first time have faith in a politician who is not part of an elite political structure designed to make sure that they have no say in the running of a party or the country. They are people who have suffered the brunt of the manufactured austerity. They have been ignored by the political elite for decades.

They now see a future, a political meaning that has them at its core. They see a real chance to change politics and the country for the betterment of us all and not just the politicians and corporate power. They dare to dream that things can and will change for the better. That is why the Labour party has a membership greater now than in all its history. These people are not Marxists, Leninists or Trotskyists. They are for the first time daring to believe that politics can change and can benefit them. They actually see a political structure and a political way of changing their lives. That is why the PLP and the ruling elite are so afraid of Corbyn.

They see a mass movement emerging that will actually crush and remove their control. They see a movement that is becoming organised and ready to attack the ruling elites control. A movement that is ready and able to create real wealth redistribution, re-nationalise industry, transport, energy, housing and finance. A movement from the people for the people. That is why the PLP, the media (apart from the Morning Star) and the ruling classes are so afraid.

And so to the latest being spouted and shared on social media is that Momentum are intimidating MP’s and other members, or are all Trotskyist and CPB infiltrators and moving Labour towards a democratic centralist agenda. If only the CPB had hundreds of thousands of members. It is something we are working towards but it is not the reality of now.

For people who created and perpetuated Blairism I find this very hypocritical. In the Blair years the Labour party actually outdone democratic centralism. Every decision was directed from a small elite at the top of the Labour party, from policy decisions to what candidates would be parachuted into local areas. This is not Democratic centralism, this was actually a dictatorship of a small cabal at the top of the Labour party deciding everything. This was a complete negation of the party democracy and the nullifying of the CLP’s. This put all Trotskyist’s to shame. This was complete control from the centre. One read of the Chilcot report only amplifies this reality.

Democratic centralism at least allows for party democracy. Policy is always decided by the members at congresses. I state again policy is decided by the membership, not by the NEC but by the party branches and the members of that branch.

The PLP and their supporters are negating that very democratic principle. In fact the PLP can be seen as something of a dictatorship. When they had the chance to attack and defeat the Tory’s, they decided that their own policies and their own personal views are more important than the membership and their own party democracy.


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