It doesn’t matter what you vote for, the looser always wins.


The Tories are in disarray and ripe for the taking. Leaderless, headless and with no plan B at the moment, but remember that will not last long. The global banks and financiers are of course making hay and speculators will be making billions.

What is our response to the Ruling Elite’s major defeat on the EU and the ongoing class war, they continue to wage against us? Infighting and political opportunism on a grand scale.

Firstly they wheel out the right wing in Labour and try to create a coup against Jeremy Corbyn. They can’t afford to have a Socialist leader in a UK free of EU dictates. A Socialist leader free of an EU that is anti-Socialist to the core. They can’t have a UK leader who is promising nationalisation, regulation and an end to their austerity. Who is polling stronger every week and has won every by-election and increased Labours vote in the last local elections.

Then of course the ultimate political opportunists in Scotland once again return to chase the dream of “FREEDOM” and Indy 2. Independence from Scotland’s biggest trade importer and straight into the EU, the Euro and the EU’s Stability and Growth Pact. An agreement Scotland will have to sign up too, to become a member. An agreement that will then dictate debt and deficit reduction rules that will be not Devo Max but AUSTERITY MAX. All brought on by the lemmings that are so determined to be independent from London, but have no qualms about being subservient and controlled by the biggest Neo-Liberal Capitalist construct in the western world.

But let’s not have reality poison the dream of your petty Nationalism and FREEDOM.

But this time I will not be bought by claims of class politics from some comrades. This time even more than the last, it is no more than Nationalism and Nation and has no class basis or perspective what so ever. It is Nationalism first, last and forever.

When we can and should be attacking the Tories and the ruling class. When we should be fighting for and forcing another general election. When we should all be mobilising for the election of a Socialist Government. We do the ruling class’s job for them. Divide, divide and divide, again, again and again. The ruling class instead of being in turmoil, are in a state of pissing themselves laughing at the fact we are more intent on destroying each other, than we are them.

That is two democratic referendums now being totally ignored. I must have my whole thoughts on Democracy all wrong. I always thought that the majority in a vote won and that was then the agreed decision. Does this now mean that in elections within the UK the second placed candidate wins?

If this lack of Democracy continues with the second place forever calling votes until they get their own way, then we are doomed.

But wait, that is exactly how the EU works and ensures it always gets its way. Have a vote and if it is not the one you want, then just have another and another.

Nationalism in all its forms is now rearing its ugly head and that plays right into the ruling elites hands, be careful what you wish for.


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