Communists in the SNP, my arse!


Communists in the SNP, my arse!

I have just read a post from a prominent ultra-Scottish nationalist on Facebook, bemoaning the fact that the left YES groupings are less than impressed with the SNP. How dare they.

 “Pretty pissed off with some of the wailing and gnashing of teeth since the election. “A hugely disappointing election result for socialism” says Cat Boyd. Colin Fox seemed to talk up the Tories, and talk down the SNP result. All kinds of activists have ranted and raved about how right wing the SNP is.

This is dangerous stuff. With 116k members, most socialists (probably even most communists) in the country are in the SNP, which is a big-tent Social Democratic party. We share that party with people of the centre left, the centre, and in a few cases even the right. We’re happy to be in an alliance for independence, and the party consensus is centre-left.

Such extreme and oddly prominent rhetoric from the fringe left is objectively right wing, that is, it empowers Scotland’s right – who would love to pretend that the Scottish people are other than what they are, and that SNP membership is other than it is. Scotland’s right want to whisper in the ears of our politicians that the left-Social Democratic values of a majority of Scots are held only by a tiny fringe.

Why would far left figures write columns encouraging this impression? Why do their activists attack SNP people on twitter? Do they WANT to drive the country to the right? Do they WANT to turn a hundred thousand odd newly politically active people away from socialist politics?”

I stopped debating with this person on Facebook, after he regaled me with how his Granny was punished in school for speaking Scots and his ultra-Scottish, Scotland for the Scottish wailing’s.

The comments on this post have become a complete nightmare for the YES movement. Poor Cat Boyd, has taken a hammering and unjustly. The RMT get slagged off, for being affiliated to Labour apparently. You would hope that these Nationalists would at least be up to speed, but anything that furthers indy 2, truth or not, is fair game.

First, I would like to point out to this delusional person, that no Communist within Scotland are members of the SNP, and would never even consider joining a “a big-tent Social Democratic party”, especially not a Nationalistic one.

The problem he has of course is that he is a Nationalist first and foremost, who is posing as a Socialist. Within a Social Democratic party, that is in fact as centre right now as it has always been. Low taxes for the rich and businesses are not even close to a Social Democracy, his Nationalism is what it is. It is for the middle to upper classes and the protection of corporate power.

His greatest concern is not about Socialism, it is about, protecting the Nationalist agenda of yet another bloody referendum. He sees the cracks appearing within the wider YES movement. “Why would far left figures write columns encouraging this impression? Why do their activists attack SNP people on twitter? “ Once again, how dare they criticise the SNP, it’s no fair, we will lose indy 2.

What he wants of course, is to have the same discipline that the SNP inflict on their own members voices. He wants this discipline carried out by dictating terms to the whole YES movement. How dare they criticise the SNP, don’t they know what they are doing to the Independence movement. The SNP are the only Nationalist party and must be obeyed.

Next it will be the SNP’s summer campaign to boost Independence. The rest of the 45% who are not SNP members will have to just toe the SNP party line. No criticism, not deviation, no voice. Toe the line or you jeopardise the indy vote.

What will the wider YES movement do now? Will it do what it did prior to the first referendum and not criticise the SNP, for fear of splitting the movement.  Will they support an inherently Centre Right party, to achieve independence. Will they subject themselves to the will of the SNP and the ultra-nationalists like this person?

Will we be back to the politics of “we must get indy first” then we will become Socialists again.  Some parties have always been there of course, but where will the wider movement position themselves. That is the question.


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