There is Power in a Union

Whilst I am on a retro Union retrospective, I am pondering why people see Unions as no longer relevant. We have the Anarchist-syndicalist take, that the unions are no more than a sop between the workers and big business. Who will at the same time, then also state that the workers need to take control […]

Communists in the SNP, my arse!

Communists in the SNP, my arse! I have just read a post from a prominent ultra-Scottish nationalist on Facebook, bemoaning the fact that the left YES groupings are less than impressed with the SNP. How dare they.  “Pretty pissed off with some of the wailing and gnashing of teeth since the election. “A hugely disappointing […]

Where Next Columbus

Where next Columbus (Crass Records) Anothers hope, anothers game Anothers loss, anothers gain Anothers lies, anothers truth Anothers doubt, anothers proof Anothers left, anothers right Anothers peace, anothers fight Anothers name, anothers aim Anothers fall, anothers fame Anothers pride, anothers shame Anothers love, anothers pain The Scottish people have voted for, in reality, two centre […]

The Emperor’s New Clothes

Please note: When I mention the SNP, I am not in any way stating that all members are at fault. This is mainly directed at the leadership, both at local branch level and nationally. On Saturday Fife Trades Union Council and Fife People’s Assembly, held the first May Day march and rally, to be held […]