A Meme too Far


I was forced into this addition to my blog, by the number of times I have seen it on Facebook and by being tagged in one such post.

Let me state here firstly and foremost, the comrade who tagged me, did it in a jovial way and to poke fun, so this blog is in no way aimed at him.

But it is aimed at the majority of people who actually believe this stupid meme to be a reality.

I could of course start by mentioning the fact that in the event of a YES vote, we would in fact be a bankrupt nation and left to the whims of an SNP Neo-Liberal run government ruled from the EU and Brussels, with all our finances run by the Bank of England and thereby the self same Tory Government. These are in reality the facts. We would now be subject not to Tory Austerity but the very same EU austerity inflicted on Greece, Ireland, Spain and Portugal, with our finances further curtailed by the BoE.

But of course none of that is true because I am a “yoon” just spreading Unionist lies.

Or I could say that regardless of the circumstances, we have a Tory government due to the total lack of class politics, class ideology and a complete lack of class education.

This second paragraph is the reality for me. There was almost no class ideology or class politics embedded in the recent referendum. It was all Nation before class unfortunately.

Now there will be some Socialist comrades, already decrying this statement. If they were realists they would have to acknowledge this fact. They may themselves have had a perceived class perspective, but the vast majority of the YES voters I met and interacted with, were only basing their vote on nation , there was not a class perspective. A YES was the silver bullet to all their problems. There were far too many cries of FREEDOM  and far too many Saltire and Lion Rampant flags for me. Far too many cries of it’s oor oil and it’s oor pound.

The ills of the working class throughout Scotland, The UK and Europe have nothing to do with Scotland voting NO. The ills of the working class of Europe, the UK and thereby Scotland are perpetuated and ruled by a narrow Nationalism, and an adherence to a form of Social Democracy that is founded in and one that is only there to protect and increase Corporate and the Ruling Elite power. There is a total lack of a class based perspective of the reality of today, or indeed yesterday, shown by this type of Meme.

Silver bullets only kill Werewolves and Vampires. There is no magic Nationalist silver bullet to slay the British or even the European Empires.

Real change will only come as and when the working class are organised, educated and not looking too or bowing down to a narrow nationalism based on, at the very best a Social Democracy.

This stupid perception that we would now be living in a land of milk and honey if only we voted YES, is as totally a false perception as the one given to the poor buggers returning from the trenches in World War 1.

I grow weary of this perceived and narrowly promoted, sort of easy fix. There is no such easy fix to the Capitalist system. Change will and can only come, when the time, conditions and situation dictates that it is now indeed the time. Only when the working class is united and we put class ideology to the fore, will this or any other change be achieved. Creating one more border does not further that cause.

Creating one more border will only ever further the cause of the real enemy. The real enemy that is the very thing they are trying to create in Scotland. A Social Democracy that believes it can tame Capitalism.




2 thoughts on “A Meme too Far

  1. I will of course have to disagree with you on the “There was almost no class ideology or class politics embedded in the recent referendum”. However I agree, the meme is reductionist nonsense. It turns the complexity of the referendum result into a binary question against which all things must be measured.

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    1. Thanks Grant, I was trying to be as fair as possible. I do know many people who did try to view this and put their arguments forward in class terms. That is a whole other debate of course.

      I stand by my assertion that the vast majority, and in reality that is on both sides of the debate, had a total lack of a class perspective. This Meme and wee blog is for and is aimed at them.


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