SNP Manifesto 2016

On a quick read through of the SNP manifesto I found the following. The good bits: Another independence referendum is on the back burner. “The SNP will always support independence – but that is not what this election is about. It is about making Scotland stronger”. Increased spending on the NHS. (I hope they actually […]

A Meme too Far

I was forced into this addition to my blog, by the number of times I have seen it on Facebook and by being tagged in one such post. Let me state here firstly and foremost, the comrade who tagged me, did it in a jovial way and to poke fun, so this blog is in […]

Local Government future cuts

There needs to be a concerted and organised Scotland wide campaign between now and the next Scottish and Local Government budget setting. The past two years, campaigning has only really begun a couple of months prior to the budgets being implemented. This in reality means that the budgets and the inherent cuts therein, are already […]