Is GERS about Football?

This week I was intrigued about these GERS figures. I was wondering what Rangers football club had been up too now. It turns out it’s not about football. It’s about something that I find just as appealing as football, a set of made up numbers from civil servants to prove or disprove how well an economy is doing.

A set of figures that will have some crying foul and some crying offside. (The football analogies end now, as I actually have no knowledge of that or any other sport)

I actually don’t really care. I spent two years arguing that the working class of the UK should be united and not divided. These figures mean nothing. They are once again nothing more than a distraction. Labour will now be “see what would have happened”,  with the SNP “they are not true figures and with full control we would be stronger”. Blah, Blah, bloody Blah.

Instead of attacking actual Austerity, we will be sunk into a dialogue of what ifs and buts.

I don’t care about GERS (whether football or not). I don’t care about oil prices. I am beginning to not even care about politics.

I care about a manufactured Austerity Ideology that needs to be confronted, fought and destroyed. I care about job losses and the cuts in public services that go hand in hand. I care about people being sanctioned and about those who have to go through WCA’s. I care about the growing number of Foodbanks and the poor buggers forced into using them. I care about the millions on precarious work contracts. I care about the millions of refuges roaming this planet, with nowhere to go.

Both of the main parties in this country are “anti-austerity” in words. Well let’s see them go head to head on anti-austerity. Not go head to head on what would have been. I don’t care about what ifs.

Go head to head on taxes.  Go head to head on public ownership. Go head to head on saving public services and jobs. Go head to head on the NHS. Go head to head on Further Education. Go head to head on Fracking. Go head to head on SOCIALISM.  Go head to head on Union rights. Go head to head on the real Living Wage. Go head to head on what people will actually be voting for. Go head to head on the refugee crisis. Go head to head on Wars.

But for the sake of sanity don’t go head to head on a set of numbers that mean absolutely nothing to the working class. To a set of numbers that are actually designed to PROMOTE EVEN MORE AUSTERITY. A set of numbers that a primary 6 school pupil could have predicted.


One thought on “Is GERS about Football?

  1. I agree with the above comments, everyone knows you can use can use statistics to prove almost anything, so what some will use as a vindication of their position in regards to the Indi referendum others will use to prove the opposite.
    Some of us on the left in Scotland believe independence is the best way forward, and some of us see it as an unnecessary distraction, the point is though that we must find ways of working together on the things we DO agree on, and do it fast.
    After all, the ruling are not going to wait around for us to work out our differences before they resume their onslaught on us.

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